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Sneaks Leaks New Track Ahead of Tour


Sneaks isn’t going to follow the rules of the music industry, made most apparent by her drop this morning of a new approach to how her songs come across with the new track, “Beliefs.” Stark, dark, and stripped down, it still holds her minimal take, but doesn’t sound like last year’s It’s A Myth either.

The Washington, D.C. based artist has been known for mixing things up in the past, and this new track just proves she’s still up for changing more than before. Minimalistic, the song has dark synths instead of bass and drums like on her last release. The track, to be off of Sneaks’ upcoming album Highway Hypnosis, takes a different turn while still holding your attention.

You can stream the song above all you’d like while you eagerly await the arrival of Highway Hypnosis on Merge Records in January of 2019. The track is also available for purchase on Bandcamp. Sneaks is on tour in Europe beginning October 1 in Berlin at Red Bull Music Academy and ending November 2 in London at Koko. A full list of tour dates for Sneaks is available here.

Image Credits: Photo By Quawn Wilson.



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