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Chicago’s Grapetooth Craft Intriguing Pop


Dance pop has come a long way in the past couple of years, most notably by bands mixing in new genres to take things to a whole new place. When you first hear Chicago’s Grapetooth, you should realize real fast that they’re not a typical dance pop band. Their latest single, “Red Wine” proves they’re not the typical fare, mixing in elements of dissonant folk with their already infectious pop structure.

The band takes simple dance and really expands on it with unaffected vocals and these catchy little bits that hop on and off the song. There’s an ineffectual vibe to the band, almost like they care, but not too much at the same time. The end result works and draws your ears closer on the already hook heavy track.

Grapetooth is set to perform at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on September 28 and at Thalia Hall in Chicago on November 11. There debut album, Grapetooth is available for pre-order from Polyvinyl Records, and will be released on November 9.

Image Credits: Photo by Alex Hupp.



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