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Who Is Jade Hairpins?


New music comes out so frequently, so when a new project is announced, it usually comes with a bio and more. Though if you Google the name ‘Jade Hairpins,’ you won’t find much in regards to a band history, Bandcamp page, or even a Soundcloud link.

What you will find is this electronic outfit that just announced a 12″ release out on October 5 from Merge Records. The label, not known for mysterious releases hasn’t hinted as to who this is, but the music is definitely worth getting into your ears. Kind of like a softer version of Cold Cave, the mystery behind the release might point to this being a new side project from some artists who are bigger than the project itself.

The two track release is available everywhere on October 5, wherever you stream music. You can also purchase the vinyl 12″ record from Merge Records. The traditional black vinyl comes with a digital download as well. Hopefully we’ll know more about who this is when “Mother Man” drops in early October.

Image Credits: Artwork Courtesy of Merge Records.



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