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LUCA Offers Catchy Indie Rock From Texas


When you hear Bryan’s LUCA, you’ll realize real quick that they aren’t what most people would think of what comes from the home of the Texas A&M University,  but rather an indie band that should remind you of multiple bands, including Manchester Orchestra and Minus the Bear. On their latest release You’ll Never Be at Peace With This, they take driving riffs and catchy hooks to craft an album you should hear sooner than later.

The opening track begins with a snappy quickness before settling in to what the rest of the album sounds like on “Back to Sleep.” There’s something in how the trio writes a song, offering up varying versions of grandiosity without sounding over the top. Without any pretension, these three keep things catchy on “Breathe,” including more solid guitar work than on the opener. The track shows the off the cuff feel the band’s songs seem to have, though it’s a well crafted tune that sticks to you after you hear it.

The dreamy guitar fills on “Worn Out Limbs” are familiar but not lifted, the old school emo buildup of melodies on “Cleanse” should remind you of bands like Mineral and Christie Front Drive, and the dissonant opening to “Family Dog” comes from out of nowhere and works to keep the album interesting. There’s plenty of skillful songwriting without going over your head, keeping things simple yet a bit stirred at the same time.

You can stream You’ll Never Be at Peace With This on all platforms, you can purchase it in digital store fronts, or from the Bandcamp app. LUCA will be on multiple tours throughout Texas starting September 27 at Revolution Cafe in Bryan, and ending at Insomnia Gallery on November 9 in Houston. A full list of the dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Sabine Fletcher.

David Garrick

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