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The Fever 333 Offer Crazed Visual Sounds


It’s hard not to be reminded of a particular sound, when you hear some bands. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it isn’t, and sometimes it takes weeks to figure out what you’re hearing. With The Fever 333, we immediately noticed that they reminded us of Rage Against The Machine, with their mix of hip hop, punk, and blazing rock structuring. While typically that steers us away, the visual aspects of their live sets and the crazed imagery their music evokes, we had zero problems with them reminding us of anyone else.

The band dropped their Made In America EP earlier this year, and the music the band makes is thought provoking, politically charged, and probably exactly what this country needs right now to wake up. The imagery for their video of the song, “Made In America” offers up another narrative, one that Trump’s America should pay attention to. All of the music off the EP is full of energy and ideologies that should wake up a sleeping nation.

The Made In America EP is available to stream on all streaming sites and is available to purchase directly from the band, from Roadrunner Records and in all digital store fronts. You can catch the insanity of The Fever 333 in person on Tuesday October 2 at The Foundry in Ohio until March 11 2019 at Download Festival in Melbourne, Australia. A complete list of the band’s tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jimmy Fontaine.



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