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When Protomartyr Collaborates, It’s Magical


Detroit’s Protomartyr have had no trouble making their name known since getting their start eight years ago. Since they began, they’ve proven that post-punk still has plenty of bite, and their latest collaborative releases just prove that they’re a band everyone wants to work with.

With this year’s Consolation E.P. the band opens things up a bit darker with “Wait,” though the weight of the four tracks comes from those with Kelley Deal. The two tracks with the twin of Kim, “Wheel of Fortune” and “You Always Win” show how Protomartyr can team up with an artist, add that artist’s magic, and still retain their signature post-punk sound.

With their collaborative two song release with Spray Paint, Irony Prompts A Party Rat, the band took a different approach. The first track “Corinthian Leather” has Joe Casey on vocals and Spray Paint playing the music, and it sounds dark and intense. The second song, “Bags and Cans” features Spray Paint on vocals with Protomartyr playing the music. It’s a risky plan for most bands, but not these two and it works so well that your ears want more of it.

You can stream both on any streaming site that hosts music from Protomartyr, you can order physical copies of the Consolation E.P. directly from Domino Records and from Protomartyr, and you can purchase Irony Prompts A Rat directly from Monofonus Press. Protomartyr is on tour from November 23 at Lee’s Palace in Toronto until December 19 at The Regent in Los Angeles. A complete list of the band’s tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Topete.



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