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Basement Return Ready To Rule


The feeling that good music is good music means that anyone by any age should recognize good music when they hear it. The English five piece Basement has always made good music, and their latest tracks from their upcoming release Beside Myself just proves they should keep the good music coming.

On “Disconnect” the band offers up their usually charged and energetic sound with better production than on their earlier releases. The song falls in line with what their last release Promise Everything sounded like, with touches of better writing here. The song snaps but also has more rounded edges than their early works, though it doesn’t sound like another act or too polished either. The added backing vocals make for a nice touch that wouldn’t work for another band, but plays just fine for these guys.

With “Stigmata” those stronger songwriting skills are showcased more, with the band’s approach to going softer working better than the manner they employed in the past. The melodic guitar stays soft without being too close to ballad territory, so when the distortion clicks on, it all works in the best way possible.

You can stream both tracks on all streaming platforms, you can preorder Beside Myself directly from the band and from Fueled By Ramen. Basement will be on tour starting Saturday October 6 at The Bottle Neck in Lawrence, Kansas until November 23 at SWX in Bristol, United Kingdom. A full list of tour dates can be found here. Beside Myself will be available worldwide on October 12.

Image Credits: Photo by Mitchell Wojcik.



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