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Rose Ette Goes All The Way


Indie pop is a term that can often get misused, though with Houston’s Rose Ette, it fits the foursome perfectly. In the span of three years the group has had a lineup change and steered from their earlier bedroom pop sounds to a more indie rock pop fueled sound with ease. On their latest single “All The Way” from their upcoming release Ignore the Feeling, that take that sound even further while creating a track that sticks with you after the opening notes.

With a more pronounced and driven opening, the track is immediate and in your head. The softly placed vocals and the catchy stride work well with the doubled vocals and snappy beat. The song lives up to the indie pop notations the band has become known for while still sounding fresh and inventive. The meandering guitar that squeals alongside the vocals creates something memorable, and the production from the band and John Allen Stephens works well, displaying that this is a band that has earned the indie pop tag.

You can stream the track above all you’d like and you can preorder a very rare colored vinyl of Ignore the Feeling from the Rose Ette Bandcamp page ahead of its release date of Friday, October 5.  Rose Ette will be on a mini-tour of Texas in October in support of the album’s release. The band is set to perform at Hotel Vegas in Austin on October 4 and at Dan Electros in Houston on October 5. 

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Francisco.

David Garrick

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