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The New Buxton Should Be Amazing


When bands stay on the traditional album cycle, it seems formulaic at times, and an ideal from another era. It’s from a time when bands didn’t have to continuously drop new music to stay in front of their core fans, and it made sense so long ago. For Buxton, the members have been in so many other side projects since their last release, that it doesn’t feel like they’re in a cycle as much as that it feels like they didn’t have the time. With two singles and videos out from their upcoming release Stay Out Late, we’re chomping at the bit for the record’s release, and the follow-up to their gorgeous last album, Half a Native.

For the band’s first single, they chose the relaxed and calm nature of “This Place Reminds Me of You.” The song has a more sultry feel than what you may expect from the Texas five piece. With softer guitar noodling, synths that emote a rested and moderate feel that works on multiple levels.

For their second single, the band went with the upbeat tempo of “Jan.” The song shows a more refined skill set towards songwriting, feeling more concise and directed than you’d expect. It’s such a catchy sound that you realize that when these guys go in the poppier direction, they do so with more weight than many others who’ve tried. It’s a gamble, but one that works for the song that sticks with you after the snappy opening.

You can stream the first two lead singles on all streaming platforms, or purchase them from all digital outlets including Bandcamp. You can preorder Stay Out Late directly from New West Records ahead of its release date on October 19. Buxton is set to tour in support of the record, beginning this weekend at the Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan, Texas on October 5 all the way until December 9 at The High Watt in Nashville. A complete list of tour dates for the band can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Carra Sykes.

David Garrick

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