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Space Kiddettes Make You Want To Dance


There’s plenty of pop music coming out daily, most of which is from acts that are forgettable. When you see electro-pop duo Space Kiddettes performs in their matching jumpers, their performances are the kind that you won’t soon forget. With more energy than some punk bands, the two piece really sets themselves apart from what most electronic artists are doing today. On their latest single “Low Impact Aerobics,” they offer a bit of a throwback sound while making you want to get down as soon as the beat hits.

The track offers up plenty of throw back dance pop mixed with new wave notations. The dual vocals that come from both members add to the fun sound, reminding us of early Pet Shop Boys though never seeming like a lift. The track is definitely dance driven enough that the beat should make anyone who hears it start moving.

You can stream “Low Impact Aerobics” on all streaming platforms or purchase the track from the duo’s Bandcamp. Space Kiddettes perform multiple sets throughout Texas on a regular basis as well as their own podcast Space Case available on Soundcloud.

Image Credits: Photo by Karo Cantu.



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