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The Bright Light Social Hour Drop Mystical New EP


For a good while now, the bands that carried on the psych rock traditions of the past, have had to set themselves apart from one another. For some, it’s been all about trippy live performances and for others, it’s really just been about the music. For Austin’s The Bright Light Social Hour, it’s always been both. On their latest E.P. Missing Something, they offer up acid induced dreams and space filled melodies.

The opener “Missing Something” sounds like something from a deep space probe, while the following song “Trip With Lola” sounds just like that, a trip. The four piece mixes things up further on the electronic driven notes of “Alternate Loving,” showcasing the Jim Eno vibes from the producer who made the release. The entire five songs offer up notes of garage rock, space psych, and R&B based soul that works better than you’ve ever heard from the four piece before.

Missing Something is available to stream on all streaming sites, you can purchase digital copies from all digital outlets, or directly from Modern Outsider Records with a limited pink vinyl. The Bright Light Social Hour will be on a mini-Texas tour starting at The Heights Theater on October 5 and at The Kessler Theater in Dallas on October 6. 

Image Credits: Photo by Roger Ho.



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