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You Should Hear Vera Sola


There aren’t too many times when you can hear an artist and their voice shakes you to your core. When you first hear the vocals of multi-instrumentalist, poet, and songwriter Vera Sola, you should feel her emotive notes in your bones. Sola has this innate ability to move anyone who hears her music, though she’s probably a name you don’t know yet. We think that should change, as even her covers of Misfits songs on last year’s Last Caress, are as haunting as they were intended while hitting much heavier than Danzig could ever make them.

Her lead single, “Small Minds” offers up a tenderness that isn’t really heard in today’s music world, though the silences in the track offer a weight that’s as heavy as the largest stones. Sola’s vocals stutter and shake, she draws out each note like she’s begging for something, and the music stays light while her voice does the talking. The ghostly nature of the music is memorable, though her voice is the real star here, sticking with you far beyond one listen.

On her second single “The Colony” Sola takes what you know about singer songwriters and reinvents your preconceived notions. With an almost Baroque pace, Gypsy soul, and depression era instrumentation, Sola creates her own sound from the ashes of the world’s continual song. There’s a fun structure to the track, though her vocals don’t feel anything but serious, and offer plenty of emotion with each note she sings.

Vera Sola’s debut full length Shades will be available November 9, and you can preorder the album through Spectraphonic Records. You can witness her energy in person, when Vera Sola tours beginning October 19 at Corona Theatre in Montreal, Quebec until December 17 at Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles. A full list of her tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Shorefire Media.

David Garrick

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