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Yoke Lore Makes Shimmering Pop


The pop world has risen to the occasion as of late, with newer acts placing their stamp on the genre, and mixing things up to craft interesting takes on what gets called pop music. New York’s Yoke Lore definitely has a take on what pop is, and it’s all over this year’s Absolutes. Complete with orchestrated notes and layered vocal harmonies, Yoke Lore adds to the genre while still staying within its defined terms.

The five song E.P. is full of lush compositions, intertwining electronica, synth pop, and dance pop into something that feels heftier than they typical pop act. The opener, “Fake You” begins this depth driven sound, at times that feels like electro-folk more than standard pop. This is followed with the hushed approach of “Cut and Run,” where the elements of the notes are on the same level as the vocals, creating a sound that’s as infectious as first love.

Of the five tracks, the song “Ride” is the true champion. With an almost anthemic feel, the electronics mixed with piano and the harmonious vocals forge a path that’s Yoke Lore’s alone to tread. It’s hard not to like the track, and it’s in your head for a while after you first hear it, as well as the surprises from how the track is structured.

You can stream Absolutes on all platforms, you can purchase it digitally from all outlets or you can purchase it in multiple formats directly from Yoke Lore. You can see Yoke Lore in person on tour, tonight in Houston at White Oak Music Hall until Tuesday October 23 in San Francisco at Cafe du Nord, Swedish-American Hall. A complete list of tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Wes and Alex.



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