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Mitski Sells Out Her Tour Behind Her Best Album Yet


When we were first introduced to the music of Mitski, we had a feeling that she could be bigger than ever one day. Maybe it was the fact that we saw her sell out shows on the regular, especially in B markets where selling out a show is difficult for seasoned veterans. Maybe it was the fact that she kept things indie for as long as she did. Or maybe it’s just because she’s such an extraordinary artist.

Her latest release, Be The Cowboy has her in full swing with short little vignettes of songs that don’t take up much space, but hold your soul from beginning to end. The opener “Geyser” greets the listener with a poise that isn’t being displayed in music much anymore. In many ways, Mitski embodies so much of past singer songwriters in the best way possible, but she does so in a modern way. “Old Friend” plays out like it would be on the soundtrack to a film by Wes Anderson, while “Lonesome Love” has the composition of a happy-go-lucky pop track.

Mitski knows who she is and what she wants to portray all over the record. “Remember My Name” hits like a buzzing headache after a night of over indulging, “Nobody” offers up weight without being too heady, and “Washing Machine Heart” sounds like what many new artists wished they could be. There’s a mysterious nature to the songs on the record, making it one of our favorites of the year.

You can stream Be The Cowboy wherever you stream music, you can buy it from all digital storefronts or directly from Dead Oceans. Due to popularity, Mitski added a fourth show in Brooklyn at Brooklyn Steel on December 3. A complete list of her sold out tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Bao Ngo.



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