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Kero Kero Bonito Step It Up


There’s so much pop coming out that keeping up with it can be daunting. Most pop music feels formulaic, though occasionally some drops and takes its own swing at the genre, only to knock it out of the park. British group Kero Kero Bonito has always done pop their own way. With lyrics in Japanese or English, their sound was always J-pop, or closer to chip tune. Their latest release Time ‘n’ Place however, carves its own path and makes their creative and infectious pop hard to deny.

Like a mix of Sneaker Pimps and Cibo Matto, the group opens things up with the catchy and fuzzed notes of “Outside.” There’s no denying that this is essentially power dream pop, though the structuring of the tracks is interesting and worth delving into. The simplistic manner of “Only Acting” is endearing and sweet, before they take things into a more space induced direction, opening up what they do. The open structure of “Dump,” the electro-pop opening of “Make Believe,” and the groove driven sounds of “Visiting Hours” should all stick with you after a couple of notes. This is some of the catchiest and most saccharine laced pop you’ll hear, and it’s just really hard not to like for any pop music fan.

You can stream the music of Kero Kero Bonito on all streaming sites, you can purchase it from all digital storefronts, or you can buy their music directly from Polyvinyl Records, where vinyls, compact discs and cassettes will ship on December 14. The magic of Kero Kero Bonito can be caught in person for their tour tonight in Brooklyn at The Hall, Elsewhere until May 23 at Electric Ballroom in London. A complete list of their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Tracey Ng.



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