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I Wish I Could Talk in Technicolor: An Interview with Rachel Trachtenburg of Wooing

With a natural gift for crafting infectious underground rock tunes with a psychedelic twist, Brooklyn-based band Wooing successfully balance tender beauty with explosive rawness. Comprised of Rachel Trachtenburg on guitar and vocals, Rosie Slater on drums and guitarist JR Thomason, the three piece stands out as a collaborative force when it comes to their performance and song-writing. After an invitation to play New Colossus Fest by Brooklyn-based Kanine Records, the band will be releasing their second EP, The Clouds, on the label’s vast roster come Friday, November 9th.



Musician and artist Rachel Trachtenburg is no stranger when it comes to performing. Beating on the drums since she was six years old, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players was comprised of both her parents and herself and included found slides as a trademark in their live shows. “It helped people understand the satire behind my dad’s lyrics, and the slides showcased my family’s love for recycled materials. We found the slides at thrift stores and estate sales while shopping for fabric and household items. All of our stage clothes were either handmade by my Grandmom or bought second hand. This is something I continue to do. I’d say 95% of my wardrobe was not bought new”, emphasizes Trachtenburg. With a natural gift for cohesion, Wooing’s artwork and music go hand-in-hand to create a sonic world infusing psychedelic vintage imagery and sound along with her free-hand embroidered band t-shirts and collages.


Wooing emphasize the significance of DIY-culture not just in their artwork and vision, but also within their community. In cities where getting priced out of your apartment is so widespread and immediate, it remains a struggle to navigate opening and maintaining all-age venues and DIY spaces. “When Cake Shop closed it was a true end of an era for me. I honestly cried a lot… they offered a safe and chill space for everyone to enjoy music. Also vegan cakes and cookies! More venues should have cake and cookies”, Trachtenburg laments.


Directed by John Zhao, their upcoming music video for “In Her Head” will be released next month ahead of their 7″ single which you can pre-order here. With a busy schedule working to complete their first full length album, those of you in Austin and San Antonio are in luck — you can catch the trio along with San Diego-based band Wavves and locals Megafauna at Empire Control Room tonight and with SATX act Junkie on Saturday evening.

Image Credits: Photo by Jimmy Fontaine.



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