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Rose Ette Gives All The Feels on Latest Album


If you’re making actual indie rock-you know, the type of an independent label-not what marketing from a major label says, then it had better be catchy. We’ve had Houston’s Rose Ette on our radar for a good while now, and their latest release Ignore The Feeling has us glad they were. Mixing bedroom pop with indie rock, the four piece makes some of the most catchy music to come out of the Lone Star state in a good while.

Opening with the hook filled notes of “All The Way,” there’s something magical in how the band mixes soft vocals with guitar licks and snappy drums. This isn’t a one-off either, as it continues on “Skin” where the band draws your attention with saccharine laced vocals and riffs that feel like they were crafted from the indie pop gods. Even when they slow down on “Ignore the Feeling,” the hooks are still all over the track while they keep your ears happy from beginning to end.

The almost throwback new wave vibes of “Mask,” the post-punk intro on “So Close,”and the snarling bass opening of “Awake,” the record seems to have all that you’d want from an indie rock band on the rise. Couple in the fact that the vocals are presented in a way where they stand out but don’t become obtrusive, or maybe just the way the songs are structured and you should fall for every note the band presents.

You can stream or purchase Ignore The Feeling from Bandcamp. Rose Ette is set to play dates in the coming year, for now you can catch them in Austin at Cheer Up Charlies on Saturday, November 3.

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Francisco.

David Garrick

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