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The Beans Leak New Single


There’s a thing that happens when bands go to make their second release known as the “sophomore slump.” Not every band experiences it, and those who do typically release albums that are grandiose in their presentation. For Houston’s The Beans, none of that is the case. You see, it’s been about five years since they dropped their debut album. In that time members have started new projects, traveled the globe, and gotten on with life things. However, on their newest track “Raging Pulses,” they remind us that they can still bring their game to whatever they do, no matter how long it takes to get there.

Opening with an uptempo beat and organs that stomp all over the beginning notes, the vocals dance with the drums and guitar like drunken patrons in a restaurant bar after closing. That dance works, with a meandering stride that never lets up, a bluesy underpinned structure, and a soulful sound that stays in your head after one play. This is The Beans on all cylinders, firing in succession like pistons in a v-12 engine.

You can stream the song all you’d like above, or stream their two previous singles on all streaming sites. Their sophomore album The Beans Break Up is set to be released on November 09. If you’re in Texas, you can witness the band one last time when they perform in person at Rockefellers. The all ages show has sets from MIEARS and Paper Gliders with doors at 8 p.m.; and it’s free to attend.

Image Credits: Photo by Trish Badger.

David Garrick

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