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Parquet Courts Drop Cover of a Neil Young Track


In the middle of possibly their strongest year as a band, New York’s Parquet Courts seem to be able to do whatever they want. They dropped the stunning new album Wide Awake! produced by Danger Mouse earlier this year, they dropped a remix of some of the tracks from it, and now they just dropped a cover of an obscure Neil Young song. The track, “We R in Control” taken from the Young album Trans, sounds very different from the original, yet runs right up the alley for the Brooklyn four piece.


Found exclusively on Amazon Music, the song sounds like an interpretation of the song by the band, rather than a direct copy of what Young did on the album. It’s off beat and odd like the original, but it has the Parquet Courts feel all over it, and makes you wonder what they could do with the whole album.

As per Austin Brown of the band, “I’m a big fan of whenever an artist does something different from what they’re known for – for instance, Bob Dylan’s gospel/Christian period. And I have a similar affection for Neil Young’s electronic record Trans. This is my favorite song off it. We actually started it during the Human Performance sessions where we were trying to do something different as a band too, so it seemed kind of appropriate.”

You can stream the song all you want above or purchase it from Amazon Music. You can stream the band’s full length Wide Awake! on all streaming platforms, you can purchase it digitally from all digital stores, or in multiple formats from Rough Trade Records. Parquet Courts will be on tour tonight in Glasgow at Swg3 TV Studio until February 09 and 10 at Laneway Festival in Fremantle, Australia. A complete list of their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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