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Ceremony is Ready To Bring It For Power Trip Anniversary


Hardcore has always been a place where members of bands were also the members of multiple other bands. Sometimes one band rises to the top, and the other bands have to take some time off. However, for Ceremony after their last album The L-Shaped Man and the tours that followed, the band has become a bit silent while members work on other projects. Now, with a date in Texas this weekend for the Power Trip 10th Anniversary show, we chatted with Andy Nelson and Anthony Anzaldo about the state of the band and what we can expect from them in the future.

Ceremony has always been a band that stood behind their music and gave powerful and energetic performances. It’s essentially been three years since the band’s last release came out, though the members of the band haven’t been sitting still. “The five of us now all live in different cities, spread across the country, making it far more challenging to rehearse and write songs. But we are active and new music will be coming soon,” says Anzaldo.

Everyone in the band has had so much going on with other projects. Anzaldo’s work in the band Ex-Youth, Nelson’s work in Dark Blue, Farrar’s work with Melters, there’s a lot going on with the members that’s not Ceremony itself. “We’ve always had a lot of different projects in parallel with Ceremony. Geography and timing are the two significant factors in us being slightly less active in 2018,” replies Anzaldo.

The music of the band’s early years represents so much of youth unhinged-where their last two releases felt like shedding of those more hardcore sounds and leaving them behind-a comparison that Nelson is quick to address. “Ceremony has always been a punk band and has always gone to great lengths not to repeat ourselves. I get so confused when people say we’ve “left hardcore behind”. The records and performances are still intense and in a general thematic sense haven’t deviated very much over the past decade.  Yes, you can be sure that our new album will not sound like Negative Approach, but we’re flying to Dallas to play with Power Trip and Cold World, who we play with on a regular basis, and remain some of our actual best friends. What exactly have we left behind?”

The last time Ceremony toured, it felt like they found the perfect mix of the older hard core material and the newer more post-punk songs for their sets. We were curious if finding that flow for every night of a tour was difficult, or if it was more based around the way things went each night. “Obviously, certain songs pair well together and some don’t. There has been a lot of trial and error and experimenting with out setlist(s) in the past 13 years. Our sound has changed so gradually, and every record is only a little different than the last that it’s easy to know what new songs should be placed in and around other groupings of songs that have been proven to work,” responds Anzaldo.

The show with Power Trip should be an epic one. With performances from so many solid acts, old fans and new should be engaged from beginning to end, no matter what the band decides to play. “It’s hard to say what the set will be like for the Power Trip show. We have nothing planned, per se, but we play songs from every release and we play a different set every night. Although it’s safe to say that we will not be playing any unreleased material,” states Anzaldo.

You can stream the entire Ceremony catalog on all streaming sites, you can purchase their music from all digital store fronts, or directly from their web store. You can catch Ceremony this Saturday, November 10 in Dallas, Texas for the Power Trip 10th Anniversary show at Canton Hall. The all ages show has sets from Power Trip, Cold World, Iron Age and more with doors at 4 p.m.; tickets $36.50.



Image Credits: Photo by Shawn Brackbill.

David Garrick

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