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Tommy Guerrero Chills on Road to Knowhere


Tommy Guerrero is best known as a member of the Bones Brigade, a street skating pioneer, and the chillest guy to co-own a skateboard company. But many also know him as a heck of a musician, and on his latest release Road to Knowhere, he proves that he’s come full circle with the music he makes. The album checks so many boxes while still sounding fresh and relaxed.

Opening with the Samba infused sounds of “El camino negro,” Guerrero offers an easy ride into the world he creates, while keeping things uptempo and without mediocrity. The guitar work alone is top notch, while things stay chill and you can just enjoy the vibe. Things get stepped up a notch with the spacey and funky notes of “White Sands,” before Guerrero speeds things up a tick on “Highway Hustle.” The album definitely has this sit and listen approach where you’ll marvel in the complex notes through a structured simplicity.

The Latin jazz grooves on “Heat in The Streets,” the tender stroll of “Postcard Home,” and the almost Afro-funk sounds of “Where Water Once Was” give you instrumental jams that you can’t shake. The whole release is an exercise in rolling up a fatty, sinking into your favorite armchair, and just losing yourself in the comforting tones that Guerrero brings to each and every track.

You can stream Road to Knowhere on all streaming platforms, you can purchase it in all digital storefronts including Bandcamp, or purchase a vinyl from Amazon.  You can catch Tommy Guerrero in person on December 08 at The Cellar Door in Visalia, California. 

Image Credits: Photo by Claudine Gossett.

David Garrick

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