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Mk.gee Drops Chill New Track


You may not know the chill sounds of producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Mk.gee, but you should. Pronounced “McGee,” his latest track “New Year” is a relaxed and easy going jam that you might find yourself repeating after the first play.

The song is well versed in instrumentation, almost like a symphony for the ears. Complete with Mk.gee’s falsetto vocals and multiple tracks interspersed, the song is chill but not boring. There’s a magic to how the song is crafted, it’s lush and full without being overbearing, and it’s chill though it’s not sleepy. It seems that Mk.gee has found a way to be chill wave but not typical by any means.

You can stream the track above all you’d like. The new E.P. from Mk.gee, Fool  drops on Friday, November 16 on all streaming platforms, or you can pick it up in all digital store fronts. Mk.gee will perform November 24 in Los Angeles at The Moroccan Lounge

Image Credits: Photo by Erica Hernandez.



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