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Alle Is The New Electronic Coupling You Need To Know About


Collaborations are typically made up of artists who either have no measure of recognition, or who have weight based off of their works alone. Alle, an artist you probably won’t know by name, is set to drop his debut release Mara next week, and his list of collaborators are all name you’d recognize. Much like how small boutique labels paired electronic artists in the eighties, Alle has teamed up with heavy hitters like Steve Albini, Carlos Dengler, Gordon Raphael and more. With his debut single “Creatrincos Velve” he teamed up with three members of Iron & Wine to create the lush track.

The track opens with a hypnotic piano before multiple break beats and haunting vocals dance onto the song. There’s something stirring about how the mix of piano, beats and vocals seem to cluster together before dissipating and returning again. In some moments the track reminds you of early solo work from Thom Yorke, at others its closer to Boards of Canada. Though the overall sound is all Alle, and definitely like nothing else happening in music currently.

You can stream the track above or on all streaming platforms wherever you stream music. Mara is set to be released next Friday, November 23. Keep an eye out for the debut, as it should stir something inside of you. You can catch Alle in person when he announces tour dates early next year. 

Image Credits: Photo by Chester Pink.



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