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Nashville’s Airpark Drops Holiday Track


Holiday tracks seem to be all the rage this year, as we’ve already seen plenty of acts drop them heading into the end of the year. While Nashville pop duo Airpark might not be a group you’re familiar with, their holiday song “Blue Christmas” should make you an immediate fan of what they do.

Opening with vocals leading the way, the keys drop alongside a synth and an acoustic strum that immediately pull you in. When the beat drops and the synths pick up, the song almost reminds you of something made by The Beatles of Electric Light Orchestra. Lush and full of pop, the track should make your holidays sound better.

You can stream the track on all streaming platforms, or you can purchase it alongside other works from the group via Bandcamp. Airpark has no listed dates for performances through the end of 2018, though stay tuned as they sound like they have plenty of future ahead of themselves.

Image Credits: Photo by Citizen Kane Wayne.



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