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Single Mothers Drive Their Sound Through A Wall


Canada’s Single Mothers have been making solid punk branded rock for a good while, but with this year’s Through A Wall they proved they have the staying power to cross boundaries and borders. Searing and energetic, the album takes meaty riffs and screaming wails and turns them into a symphony of punk rock that the world could use more of.

Opening things up with the speedy and heavy riffs of “Marathon,” the band quickly makes their presence known. The intensity behind the drive of the track shouldn’t be lost on anyone hearing it. The band doesn’t mind ticking things up with the more screamy sounds of “24/7” before heading back to the snappy punk on “Dog Parks.” Where some punk bands have a darkness to their sound, Single Mothers are land wasting energy like a forest fire that won’t go out.

That snappy energy is all over the album. Tracks like “Switch Off,” “Catch & Release,” and “Web” all offer up punk that’s quick and intense. The vocals howl against the snappy drums and the riff heavy notes like a punch in the face, like all good punk should sound.

You can stream Through A Wall on all streaming sites, you can purchase digital versions from all digital shops, or in various bundles directly from Dine Alone Records or from Single Mothers’ web store. You can catch Single Mothers at Burly Calling Festival in Burlington, Ontario December 06 through December 08.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Dine Alone Records.



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