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We’re Crushing on Confident Music For Confident People


There’s a good chance that even though Australia’s Confidence Man is massively popular throughout the globe, that you’ve never heard of the four piece. Their dance pop got on our radar earlier in the year, and their videos and singles are as tongue-in-cheek as their infectious sound. When their full length, Confident Music For Confident People came out in April, we were already fans, and we feel like you’ll love them just as much.

The album opens with the catchy sounds of “Try Your Luck,” complete with a hook filled pace, and backing vocals that drive the lyrics home. Of course, the dance pop and funny lyrics of “Don’t You Know I’m In a Band,” showcase the strong points of the band. Jokey lyrics about stardom and a catchy groove is what this band does best, and this song puts it all on the table. The backing vocals, the catchy beat, and the dance inspired synths just make it all work.

Of course, what this four piece does is quality pop of the highest standards. The nineties notations of “Boyfriend,” the U.K. inspired tone of “Catch My Breath,” and the funky pop of “Bubblegum” all offer up pop as it was meant to be. When pop comes from those who know the genre rather than people striving for hit singles, it works better than any manufactured sound.

“Better Sit Down Boy” coul have been made in the nineties with its almost Spice Girls sound, though it’s so original in other ways that the Island rhythms it’s comprised of hit with a fun intensity. “Out The Window” has a break beat mixed with trip hop sound that never blew up in the oughts, but is definitely memorable. “Sail Boat Vacation” has these group vocals mixed with spacey sounding synths and beats that hit and groove the track along. “All The Way” incorporates seventies funk and soul, but not in a contrived blue-eyed version of it. It’s all splendid pop that makes anyone who hears it crave for more, or at least a dance floor to get down on.

You can stream Confident Music For Confident People on all streaming platforms, you can purchase it in all digital store fronts, or you can pick it up directly from Heavenly Recordings. Confidence Man will close out 2018 and begin 2019 with multiple dates throughout Australia. They’ll perform December 01 at Wine Machine in Mclaren Vale, Australia until March 10 in Meredith, Australia at Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre. A complete list of their tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Heavenly Recordings.

David Garrick

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