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The Latest From Fracture Bangs


London’s Fracture has made his name known in the world of electronic music for a minute now. His use of break beats and drum & bass movements alone makes him a name that’s noteworthy. However, on his latest single “Soundboy Get Nervous,” he offers depth to what he’s become known for while giving your ears some definite candy in the process.

Opening with echoed vocal samples, the producer drops the beats quick and furious. The catchy nature of the delivery keeps your ears peaked for the beat clusters that continue to come before the song takes shape and takes off. The build is almost maddening until that bass drops and you’re in for the ride. Fracture definitely ups his game here, offering some of his more trippy work in recent years.

You can stream the track above or on the Exit Records Soundcloud page. The Soundboy Get Nervous EP will be available directly from Exit Records on December 07, and can be preordered here.  Fracture has no scheduled performances for the rest of 2018.

Image Credits: Photo by Nathan Jenkins.



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