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Marissa Nadler Draws an Energy From Darkness


Not every artist can hone their skills in finding music in any place, though when you look at the music of Marissa Nadler, it seems like she’s been able to do just that for her entire career. On here latest release For My Crimes, she takes a stark look at relationships and winds between the dark and the light that every relationship carries, while taking the listener on an emotionally heavy ride.

There’s definitely a weight behind the Boston based artist that can’t be denied. With opener, “For My Crimes,” there’s a fragility to the vocals you don’t hear as often as you’d like in modern music. It’s soft and present, weighted but also aloof in many ways. This continues on the next couple of tracks, though really finds its place on “Lover Release Me,” where the way the song is crafted against Nadler’s vocals sound like a plea to whomever the song is for.

Things pick up pace on “Blue Vapor” in a way that shows the light at the end of the struggled relationship tunnel. Nadler isn’t letting up here as much as she’s offering up another side of a twisted tale. This occurs again on “Dream Big in the Sky.” showing off the varying styles Nadler can employ with ease, the songs have so much depth, but never sound off beat or out of place. It’s almost like emotional therapy, as the songs sound like they came from a tear stained letter that was never delivered.

You can stream For My Crimes on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in digital store fronts, or directly from Sacred Bones Records. You can see Marissa Nadler in person on tour, tonight at Schubas Tavern in Chicago until April 11 through 14 in Tilburg, Netherlands at Roadburn Festival. A complete listing of her upcoming tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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