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We’re Crushing on Marauder


We have always been fans of New York’s Interpol, if not for the fact that the vocals from Paul Banks stand out more than most male leads in a band with post-punk ties. They’ve always had this captivating nature, one that falls all over this year’s Marauder. Almost like it took cues from Our Love To Admire, the album has growth from a band that’s always grown, even inching close to the twenty year mark.

Opening with the meandering yet driven sounds of “If You Really Love Nothing,” Banks employs a falsetto vocals that dances a top the winding guitar that works on so many levels. When his stark vocals hit in their usual manner, they hit with an immediacy and intent like never before on albums from the band.  That way of going between dancing guitar and immediacy continues on “The Rover.” The band is firing on multiple cylinders here, dropping these guitar hooks alongside keeping notations of their post-punk beginnings.

That’s not to say that it’s all one way here, as tracks like “Flight of Fancy” and “Mountain Child” show a different side to the band, where they’re adding to what they do with more melody and new technique. They do steer the ship closer to their early works on “NYSMAW,” but most of this record is staying in the pocket of the new, with touches of their past dropped in.

The best example of growth comes from the track, “Number 10” where the band is fast and quick, yet employs new measures alongside backing vocals and a snappy pace. If this is Interpol 2.0, we’re definitely on board. Banks’ deadpan vocals hit here with an echo effect on them to where he sounds like he’s down a dark hallway calling out, to whoever is listening. It does occur again on “Party’s Over,” how it feels like a new band, ready to take their refreshed sound to the world.

You can stream Marauder on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital store fronts or directly from Matador Records. Interpol is on tour again beginning December 30 in Australia at Falls Festival until June 2 at Best Kept Secret Festival in The Netherlands. A complete list of their tour dates is available here


Image Credits: Photo by James Medina.



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