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Silent Forum’s New Music Video “Robot” Is a Colorful Dose of New Wave Originality


Cardiff’s Silent Forum has been on our radars ever since the release of their first single, “How I Faked the Moon Landing”, back in August. Defining itself as an insightful track blending new wave dance-ability with purpose, the quartet’s Richard Wiggins (vocals), Oli Richards (bass, vocals), Dario Ordi (guitar), and Elliot Samphier (drums) have crafted a staggering sound reminiscent of The Wedding Present and Joy Division combined with a vast soundscape and bold intelligence in their upcoming debut album.


Utilizing friend Jaydon Martin to record and produce their music video for their second single, “Robot”, the band takes a leap into a more upbeat and infectious post-punk accessibility paired alongside colorful and playful visuals. With costumes and oversized paper-mâché crafted heads that look to take inspiration from Frank Sidebottom, their track conjures the irony of living day to day for a dreary 9-to-5 job while still incorporating an element of humor. Silent Forum’s tongue in cheek lyrics “I feel a shortage of high pressure in my life/ I need the office chair marks itself as a character piece of a frazzled worker against an energetic backdrop. While “How I Faked the Moon Landing” holds a more perceptive and interesting scope in both its lyrics and instrumentation, “Robot” still proves that the band can hold their own with irresistible hooks and utter originality.

Silent Forum’s debut LP is set to be released off Libertino Records in the near future, but for now you can stream and purchase “Robot” digitally today over on their Bandcamp.


Press Photo Credit: The Shoot



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