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Take the Latest From Alice Merton Into the Weekend


Alice Merton seems to be on the brink of making us all dance. The German-Canadian artist has always made music that’s noteworthy, but her new work is just so darn inviting. On her latest single, “Funny Business,” she lets the beat drop and gives us a dance pop banger we can all enjoy.

The track begins with a computer voice before the beat drops and Merton starts dropping dance pop science. The lyrics are hard to tell if they’re serious or tongue-in-cheek, but it’s the music that you’ll find so engaging. It’s so well crafted that you’ll be humming it in your sleep for the next week or so.

You can stream the single on all platforms or purchase it from all digital stores. You can preorder the latest release from Alice Merton, Mint directly from Mom+Pop Records before its release date of January 18. You can see Alice Merton in person starting March 14 in Bern, Switzerland at Bierhubeli until May 31 at Alte Oper in Frankfurt. A complete list of her tour dates can be accessed here


Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Mom+Pop.



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