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Bendik Giske Mesmerizes on New Track


There’s a really good chance that you’ve never heard of Bendik Giske. The Oslo born and Berlin transplanted  saxophonist isn’t even close to a household name yet, but that may soon change. With his latest single “High” from his soon to be released album Surrender, he’s taken the saxophone to a whole new place and made it more accessible in the process.

Similar to how Thor & Friends made xylophones sound, Giske takes the sax and makes it craft a more dance club sound. It’s a stunning reminder of the beauty that the instrument can make in the right hands, and a feat that only the right minds can create. We’re pretty sure you’ve never heard anything like it before, in how it is performed, arranged and executed.

You can stream “High” on all platforms and you can preorder Surrender on multiple formats including a limited run vinyl from the Smalltown Supersound Bandcamp page before its release date of January 25. You can see Bendik Giske on tour beginning January 27 at CTM Festival in Berlin until April 20 at Motel Mozaique in Rotterdam. A complete list of his upcoming dates are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniele Funmo.



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