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Neon Indian Releases New Track From Short Film


Art is subjective and the means at which we consume it is an ever changing world. In his first film short, Alan Palomo aka, Neon Indian drops the (NSFW) short, 86’d. The short is an intriguing look into the further expansive world of Palomo, and the theme to the film, “Heaven’s Basement” is a new track from Neon Indian to boot.

The track falls in line with the neo-new wave dance pop sounds that Neon Indian has made popular. Full of lush synths and a affected vocal, the song just hits and sticks as has most of his work has over the years. There’s plenty of pop snap here, making us wonder what his next full length will sound like, as it almost has an old school NYC disco vibe to it.


You can stream the track and the film short above all you’d like, and you can catch two DJ sets from Neon Indian before the end of the year. December 28 at Good Room in Brooklyn and December 31 at It’ll Do in Dallas, TX. You can also purchase the most recent releases from Neon Indian from Mom+Pop Music.


Image Credits: Photo by Luke Lauter.



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