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Super Unison Brings Intensity on Latest Album


If you’re going to name your band after a song by the emo core band Drive Like Jehu, you better be able to bring it. Fortunately for California’s Super Unison, they bring it and then some. On their latest release Stella they take the world of post-grind and move it to a whole new head space. Intense, dark and at times brooding, the album proves that there’s still plenty of juice left in the genre.

The opening track is immediate and doesn’t hesitate to let you know for the intense ride you’re in for. The second track takes math and emo structures and adds a heft to them. The vocals sound like they’re coming from down the hall while the music creates a solid fortitude of driven weight.

They pick things up on the snappy stride of third track, “Parts Unknown,” offering the same intensity, but with a more catchy pacing. However it’s the song “The Birthday Gift” where the band really shines. All of the previous elements come into play and are met with a swelling guitar and a quick step. Those down the hall vocals hit harder and the band employs a more full sound, shining a light on their heavier side.

That’s not to say that the bulk of the release isn’t as noteworthy. The stop start energy of “Falcon” is pretty epic complete with talking and an immense build, the ferocity in the track “Virus” is traditional scream core without all the cheesy touches, and the song “Scars” is like getting punched in the face out of nowhere. The album wraps up nicely with just as a much fervent energy as it began.

You can stream Stella on all streaming sites, you can purchase it from all digital shops including Bandcamp, or you can pick it up on multiple formats directly from Deathwish Inc. You can witness the energy of Super Unison in person when they start back up touring in January. Their tour runs from January 12 in Seattle at Highline until January 19 at SPACE Bar in San Diego. A complete listing of their tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Reid Haithcock.

David Garrick

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