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Church Girls Make Post-Punk You Need to Hear


It seems that post-punk is the new genre to keep an eye on. With so many bands revitalizing the genre, it makes sense that there are bands that are placing their own spin on what it sounds like. Enter Philadelphia’s Church Girls, a post-punk four piece that adds nuances of nineties indie rock and definitely makes their own brand of post-punk that’s hard not to be drawn to. In October they dropped a pretty wonderful E.P. though, they’re already dropping a new one in January. The first single from Cycles, “No Patience” is out and worthy of your time.

With a hooky heavy bass and a stride that hits, the band offers a snappy lead to get things going. The vocals go from almost deadpan to melodic in a half step, while the band reminds you in some ways of nineties acts like Magnapop and The Breeders without lifting from either. The song is catchy and puts a new spin on what you think about post-punk music.

You can stream the song on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in online shops or you can pick up Cycles directly from Bandcamp or Chatterbot Records when it drops on January 25. You can catch Church Girls in person when their tour begins on January 15 at DC9 in Washington, DC until it ends in Pittsburgh on February 24 at The Bushnel. A complete list of their tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Joseph Wright.



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