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Robyn Hitchcock Circles the U.S. Into Next Year


It shouldn’t be a surprise that we think Robyn Hitchcock is a treasure. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been fans of pretty much everything he’s done. We noticed though that even after his latest album, Robyn Hitchcock is over a year old, yet we still play it enough to call it a current favorite.

There’s a magical element to how Hitchcock approaches the songs here, a mix of his classic side intertwined with a very folksy demeanor, like a troubadour travelling the countryside with a guitar and a notepad. The album’s opener, “I Want To Tell You About What I Want” is classic Hitchcock, offering plenty of tale alongside his enduring sound of rock n’ roller with touches of melodic balladeer. He gets a little honky tonk in with “I Pray When I’m Drunk” before he returns to his earlier years on “Detective Mindhorn.” This is Hitchcock channeling mixes of his sweeter side with a catchy stride and hook filled sound that’s hard not to love.

Though of all the sounds he employs, the most noteworthy of the release is easily “Sayonara Judge” where he’s bringing all of what he’s done over the years to the table. Touches of British storyteller as well as an incredible build that pays off with tuneful guitar work and a memorable tale that makes you long for more. The reminiscent tale as well as the mix of country notes and rock n’ roll just work on many levels.

You can stream Robyn Hitchcock on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital store fronts or directly from Yep Roc Records. Robyn Hitchcock is on tour from December 27 in San Francisco at The Chapel until October 29 at Union Chapel in London. A complete listing of his tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Laura E. Partain.

David Garrick

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