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You Need to Get To Know Oh Pep!


Every once in a while we find an artist where we wonder how the music they create, isn’t the biggest on the globe. When you first hear the folk embraced sounds of Australian duo Oh Pep! you should find yourself becoming an immediate fan. With solid vocals that sound like something from the heavens and notes from the violin and mandolin gracing their music, the two piece could easily become your new favorite act. On their latest release, this year’s I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You.. they take their already infectious sound and inject it with more power to bring a sound that’s beautifully crafted and skillfully written.

The firrst couple of songs are almost like an introductory for anyone who’s never heard them before. With “25,” all that they bring to their songs fall all over the opener. With “Asking For” they show off their vocal melodies and almost symphonic song structures. However, with “Hurt Nobody,” the duo adds imaginative and ethereal notes and a soft build to execute a sound that’s one of the most pleasant tracks you’ll hear in a good while. When the duality of the vocals come together, it creates an almost angelic tone that almost teaches anyone attempting to do the same how it should always be done.

This continues on “Truths,” where pop notations find there way onto the song while both sing with a powerful restraint and a hopeful tone that works in ways like you’ve never heard prior. They go upbeat on “Up Against The World” and it works, they take you new places on “Bleeding Hearts” that feel otherworldly, and they steer the ship towards traditional folk with “Parallel” that should remind you of artists like Sarah McLachlan and Shawn Colvin. Oh Pep! can do pretty much whatever they want, and we’ll still find it mesmerizing.

Even with the pop induced sounds of “Your Nail And Your Hammer” comes off as endearing and noteworthy. If it were a mere pop song, you’d write it off and if it were a straight folk track you’d possibly just pass it over. Though as these two merge the two genres, it stays with you for days where you’re intently listening to each word that they sing an every note that they play.

You can stream I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You… on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops or you can but it directly from ATO Records. Oh Pep! will be on tour from January 11 in Sydney, Australia at Landsdowne Hotel until March 29 at Rough Trade NYC in New York. A complete list of their upcoming tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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