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Canada’s Foxwarren Shine on Debut


Canada has had a pretty solid year with great albums from all over their country. While you may not know Andy Shauf, he’s getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. Before his solo career expanded, he was and still is in a band called Foxwarren, and their debut that just dropped is a stellar example of what can come from ten years worth of work.

It would be okay if the opening acoustic was all that lead the first track, “To Be” on this album, but it’s so much more than that. With group vocals and a driving drum, the piano hops on just as one of the many instruments that help elevate what these guys do together. The vocals will remind you of Elliott Smith while the seventies rock lead that comes in plus the higher production values all together will warm your soul.

This theme of stellar instrumentation alongside gorgeous production and well thought out songwriting falls all over the album. “In Another Life” could easily be penned and crafted by Jeff Lynne, “Lost on You” could have been the B-side to a Matthew Sweet single twenty years ago, and “Sunset Canyon” sounds like what you wished The Eagles would have done over repackaging their hits time and time again.

Foxwarren doesn’t have to lean in too much on this album. The songs are so well written and performed, that they call the shots and they’re right with each and every decision. Moments of Wings era Paul McCartney, touches that remind you of the past but only in snippets, and a honed skill set that you rarely hear in music anymore. Whatever is in the water in Canada, Foxwarrren proves that they’re onto something like no one else, while reminding you of how records were made when everyone involved put their best foot forward.

You can stream Foxwarren on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital storefronts or directly from Anti- Records. As of now, there are no listed tour dates for the band, though that should change in the new year.

Image Credits: Photo by Chris Graham.



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