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Amsterdam’s Pip Blom is Hard Not to Love


You may have never heard of Amsterdam’s Pip Blom, but her music has grown by leaps in bounds in just a couple of years. In a short time frame she’s honed a set of songs that touch on a mix of indie rock, post-punk, and straight rock with ease. On their latest E.P. Paycheck, the four piece lead by Blom herself makes songs that you’re sure to adore, because they’re like no one else today.

Opening with the down tuned guitar of “The Shed,” Blom’s vocals are distorted a bit and create a nineties alt rock sound with notations of indie rock structuring. In some ways it’s as if Polvo found a better singer and added hints of catchy melodies. This gets followed by “Come Home” where Blom’s voice is more endearing and stripped bare. There’s a magic to how it’s all tied together, echoing the likes of bands like The Breeders and Sebadoh, there’s a lot happening here that’s hard not to like. The way there’s hooks but it’s not a pop song, the way it holds pieces of American indie rock without copying it, and the way it all comes together is simply masterful.

Of course, the track “Pussycat” was a single and its catchy drive would make any critic’s top list. There are moments where the song sounds grungey, but it’s still straight indie rock with these backing vocals that create an intensity that gives the song plenty of heft. The final song “Hours” returns to what the first two sound like, and honestly we can’t stop jamming it. It’s minimalistic but not boring, and it has a build that pops when it finally goes off. Pip Blom is echoing many while creating a signature sound that we wish we could hear more of.

You can stream Paycheck on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops including Bandcamp, or you can pick it up on a limited run 10 inch vinyl directly from Midheaven. Pip Blom is on tour tonight in Amsterdam at Naughty Naughty Naughty Naughty at Indiestad until July 13 at Mad Cool Festival in Madrid. A complete list of their upcoming appearances can be located here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Friendly Fire.

David Garrick

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