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Lionshare Promises to Be An Experience Like No Other


There’s something happening down in Houston, Texas that’s not tied to sports, the weather or big oil. Once again, the team behind Dinolion are ready to bring music and performance together like only they can. Their last immersive experience, Red House was an emotionally charged thriller earmarked by the dark electronica of Black Kite that earned critical acclaim and also sold out within minutes of its announcement. Now with their new experience Lionshare, they utilize the whimsical and spirited music of Merel & Tony, and take the audience deeper down a rabbit hole of their own making.

The immersive work will change attendees minds of what a concert and a performance can look like.Much like Red House, there will be a cast of characters that play out the music while those who purchase a ticket will become part of the show.

Complete with elaborate set pieces and a cast made up of well seasoned actors, the secrecy around the project makes it that much more enticing. Taking cues from immersive experiences like Sleep No More, audience members are allowed to choose their own path throughout the performance while navigating the mysterious world that’s been created for them.

The experience proves to be one attendees won’t soon forget. With a budget comprised of a successful Kickstarter campaign and a grant from the Let Creativity Happen! Express Grant, the show should take everyone involved on a trip while echoing the lovely music crafted by Merel & Tony.

Merel & Tony make some of the most intriguing music that you can hear, and their latest release with The Woe Woe Woes Bones & Feathers, should give any interested parties a small glimpse into the almost Baroque world in which they inhabit. While the show will also feature new music from the duo, the stage has been set for a run of performances that will more than likely sell out sooner than later.

You can purchase the music of Merel & Tony in all digital shops and through Bandcamp, as well as stream their music on all streaming sites. You can find out more about Dinolion through their website as well. Lionshare is set to begin on January 22 and run through February 03 and will take place at a secret location. You can purchase tickets to each night here and no one under the age of 13 will be allowed into the performances. 


Image Credits: Photos by Jeromy Barber.

David Garrick

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