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Dallas’ Fear Gorta Releases Dark Sounds on Edgin


The Texas electronic scene hasn’t been as bumping in recent years, possibly due to festivals closing up shop or in that the genre hasn’t really been growing in general as of late. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of artists crafting intriguing sounds, especially in the Lone Star State. Dallas’ Fear Gorta has been on our radar for a minute, and his latest release Edgin should delight anyone who hears it.

Combining dark sounds with instrumental hip hop, the overall vibe of the music is a mixture of ambient synths and relaxed touches. The opening song “Invitation” feels like it’s made up of field recordings to get things started, before the track changes direction with a more chillwave feel. It should be noted that it takes two and a half minutes for that to happen, but the song works in the least conventional form. The second track “Edgin” gets going immediately, and brings a more trip hop feel to the music. There’s plenty of vocal tracks laced with a funky beat that holds your attention, and makes you want more if you can get it.

You can stream the music of Fear Gorta on all streaming sites and you can purchase it from the Dolfin Records Bandcamp page. We could not find any tour dates for Fear Gorta at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Erin Shea.

David Garrick

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