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Angel Du$t Drop New Album Details & Two New Tracks


Angel Du$t has been on most people’s radar for a minute, but now with new details of their upcoming album and two new songs, they’re ready to take on the big leagues. The album, Pretty Buff will be made available on March 15 from Roadrunner Records, and should definitely catapult the band into the mainstream.

The first of the two songs, “Bang My Drum” is essentially a feel good track. It steers fro the punk circles the band inhabited in their early years, while heading in a more pop rock direction.

The second song, “On My Way” goes in the opposite direction, embodying much of the pop punk touches that the band has become known for. It’s a bit more polished, but it’s not straight pop either and reminds you of a better and more focused version of the band’s earlier work.

You can stream both songs on all streaming sites, you can purchase them in all digital shops, and you can preorder Pretty Buff directly from Roadrunner Records before its release date of March 15. Angel Du$t will be on tour starting February 27 in Philadelphia at The Fillmore until May 20 at Slam Dunk Festival in Hertfordshire, U.K. A complete listing of the band’s available dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Derek Rathbun.



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