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Guilla Drops First Track Off of Upcoming E.P.


For a while now, the Houston rap game has changed and been changing in new directions. Gone are the days of “bangin’ Screw” and a new era of hip hop has washed over the city. With a slew of new artists like Ugly God & Travis Scott, Houston is still producing plenty of talented and forward rappers. For a while now, we’ve had Guilla on our radar as one of the better new rappers who call Houston home. On his latest single “Guilotine,” off of his upcoming E.P. he takes his mix of dark and fast spitting hip hop to a whole new place, while gearing up his fan base for what God Mode will sound like.

The video is a take on Bird Box, and the dark imagery within is definitely different from most of the Houston hip hop you may be familiar with. While Guilla’s style is fast on the mic and quick with the rhymes, the catchy track and accompanying video will noodle around in your noggin for days after one view.

You can stream the video above all you’d like and you can grab God Mode on all digital shops or stream it when it gets released on January 31. Guilla doesn’t have his tour route out yet, but he will be appearing at The Secret Group on February 01 for the Hip Hop Anonymous show and February 23 at The Coral Sword Annex.

Image Credits: Photo by Rebecca Herpin.

David Garrick

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