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Night Beats Don’t Deliver on Myth Of A Man


Seattle’s Night Beats has always been a band full of psych rock invention, or at least reinterpretation of the early psych rock sound. Where their last album Who Sold My Generation was a tour de force of psychedelic power, their latest album Myth Of A Man is very far from that. Incorporating Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys as producer and as a performer on the album, Myth Of A Man sounds closer to a throwaway release from The Black Keys than what you may have expected from the Pacific Northwest trio.

Though it should be noted, the band isn’t a trio anymore, but it seems more the project of the band’s vocalist Danny Blackwell. That wouldn’t be an issue in most cases, but with Auerbach at the helm, the album not only never seems to land on solid footing but when the songs sound cohesive, they have the touches of El Camino part two.

At times songs that feel like they might be what you want, best exemplified by “Her Cold Cold Heart” and “Eyes On Me” sound too produced and slick. Blackwell’s murky vocals can’t save the overtly pop sound that emits, with studio trickery that feels so much like a band Auerbach would front, that you’ll search the liner notes for mention of Patrick Carney’s name. It’s sad that this is the route this band went, because for a moment Night Beats felt like the band that’d take psych rock to the next level. However if Myth Of A Man is where all psych rock bands go, we’re happy to let them rehash old riffs and ideas from the past.

You can stream Myth Of A Man on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops or directly from the Night Beats web store. You can catch Night Beats in person on tour beginning February 6 at The Dome in London until May 17 in Toronto at Horseshoe Tavern. A complete listing of their available dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Jenna Putnam.

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