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Claude Fontaine Gives Reggae Vibes on New Single


There’s a really good chance that you’ve never heard the music of Claude Fontaine. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter hasn’t been around too long, but with a cast of heavy hitters in her backing band, the lead single off of her upcoming yet to be titled debut album should make you keep an eye on what she does next.

On “Cry For Another,” Fontaine drops a mixture of soft and sultry vocals on top of a funky reggae sound. The catchy track has that groovy jam based sound that the genre has become known for, while Fontaine’s voice almost whispers above it all.

The debut album from Claude Fontaine promises to be a mixture of Brazilian and Reggae music and is due later this year from Innovative Leisure. For now, there are no scheduled performances for Fontaine. You can keep up with her schedule on Instagram or on Facebook

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