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Girlpool Gets Personal on What Chaos is Imaginary


The beauty of being in a band, is that band is essentially a life force. It grows, grows up and maturates over time. The best bands are ever evolving, changing things up while maturing as songwriters and performers. Girlpool has always grown with each release while navigating whatever strands of chaos enter into their lives. On their latest release What Chaos is Imaginary, they take a turn closer to a twee pop sound intertwined with shoegaze and dissonant folk touches, while still growing in the process.

Shedding much of their punk fueled beginnings, the album dos have moments of sonic intensity. “Hire” steers the duo into the indie rock world with a driving electric guitar and notes of alt-folk dancing all around. “Swamp and Bay” has alternative rock pieces stamped on top of a pop rock construct, but these are the two songs that come closest to what you may remember of the duo.

Most of the songs fall between twee pop or shoegaze dream pop. The more twee side of things has moments of beauty on songs like “Where You Sink,” “All Blacked Out” and “Hoax and the Shine.” However with all that’s happening on thse tracks, the magic comes in with the songs that fall into the dreamy pop songs from the record. There’s an honest pop push on “Pretty,” the way that “What Chaos is Imaginary” has these organic organs that open the track feels almost like a completely different band, and the dark shoegaze of the album’s closer “Roses” feels about where the band is most comfortable. It’s growth, it’s depth and the better parts of this release are in those songs over anything else. The only downfall is that with so many different sounds on one album, the placement feels a bit disjointed.

You can stream What Chaos is Imaginary on all streaming sites, you can purchase it in all digital shops or directly from Anti- Records. Girlpool is on tour beginning April 04 in Tustin, CA at Marty’s on Newport until May 11 at 191 Toole in Tucson, AZ. A complete listing of their appearances can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Gina Canavan.



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