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Mike Krol is The Indie Rocker We All Need in 2019


There’s something wrong with your feed, or at least at times it feels that way. When you joined a social media site, you used to see pictures of food and old friends you hadn’t seen in years. Now you just get people complaining and political gripes. In 2019 we should all look to turn over a new leaf and share good rather than evil, and that all begins with Power Chords from Mike Krol. The L.A. rocker is back with a new batch of tunes, each one more infectious than the next. If we shared these songs rather than complain, our feeds would get a lot more friendly.

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From beginning to end, Krol embraces his inner punk with fuzz infused riffs and snappy pacing. The melodic underpinnings shine through to embody such a fun and inviting sound, that even political adversaries would end any feuding if this record were played during congressional hearings.

The standouts actually stand out here-most notably the catchy sound of “What’s the Rhythm,” “Blue and Pink” and “Wasted Memory” where each embodies glimpses moments of fuzz pop greatness. There’s also plenty of fuzz punk nods with tracks like the speedy notes and howls of “Little Drama,” the blistering tones of “Left for Dead” and of course the upbeat sound of “Nothing to Yell About.” Of course, if you really just want to save the world with one song, then you can’t go wrong with “An Ambulance.” The song has such sugary pacing and hook filled melodies, that artists who’ve been living high on the hog of the major label system with multiple songwriters brought in to help their songs could easily just take note of this song and save everyone from a life of mediocrity in the process.

You can stream Power Chords on on streaming sites, you can pick it up digitally from all digital shops, or you can pick up physical copies from Merge Records. Mike Krol is on tour starting February 16 at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA until April 27 in London at Test Pressing Festival. A complete listing of his tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Brian Guido.

David Garrick

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