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White Denim Reveals New Album Side Effects

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After delivering a refreshing seventh album, Performance, in August 2018, White Denim is back with another new album in just seven months. Side Effects, considered to be a companion piece to Performance, is set to drop March 29 via City Slang Records. The band’s two new singles, “Shanalala” and “NY Money,” give a taste of the new record that hints toward a return to White Denim’s more free-spirited, avant-garde sound.

Both tracks show a diversion in style from Performance, where the band stuck to more of a classic, rock ’n’ roll sound. White Denim reverts to its garage rock roots on “Shanalala,” with fuzzy guitars, far out synthesizer, and a hypnotic, driving beat. Clocking in under three minutes, the track is a fine example of the ultimate core of the band’s sound, and a springboard for the rest of the album.

“NY Money” exhibits another side of White Denim – the song structure is looser, giving the musicians plenty of room to experiment. Throughout the nearly seven-minute tune, the band’s energy is magnetic, moving from a lyric-based section to an instrumental jam. There’s an ample amount of texture to the song, with multiple guitars layered over an atmospheric synthesizer. While “NY Money” sits in fairly stark contrast to “Shanalala,” together they offer an exciting view into the future of one of the best progressive psych-rock bands around.

You can stream “Shanalala” and “NY Money” on all platforms. You can pre-order Side Effects on CD/LP from the band’s web store. You can catch White Denim on tour in the UK beginning February 9 at Limelight in Belfast. A full list of tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jo Bongard


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