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Interpol Returns to Their Past on Fine Mess


Last year Interpol returned to form with their stunning and powerful release Marauder. There was an energy there that the band hadn’t had in years, thus proving their weights as a band and that some bands get better with age. Now, with a new single “Fine Mess,” the band takes some steps towards their past further, while dropping a track that hits exactly like you’d want from them.

The way the song opens alone is like nothing else, mixing the vocals and guitars together into a chaotic spin that’s pretty remarkable. There’s a weight and an energy here that the trio hasn’t displayed since their earlier works while they take a path towards the future. All of the signature touches the band employed on Marauder are here as well. The melodic guitars, the intense drive, and the post-punk touches still remain, though this sound feels like what we’d love more of from the band.

You can stream “Fine Mess” on all streaming sites and you can purchase it in all digital shops. Interpol is back on the road tonight in St.Paul, MN at Palace Theatre until June 27 through June 30 in Marmande, France for Festival Garorock 2019. A complete list of their tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Kalpesh Lathigra.



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