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Le Butcherettes Don’t Hesitate on bi/MENTAL


Le Butcherettes have always been a band made up of the viscera. Focused and driven, determined and terse, they’ve never really compromised on their albums and certainly not in their live performances. On their latest album bi/MENTAL, they take all that they’ve done in the past and found a new way to place it all under a new twist.

Because the opening track featuring Jello Biafra wasn’t our thing, we’ll just focus on the second track for starters. “give/UP” has that dark punk energy mixed with garage rock intensity that has been strewn all over the band’s releases since their earlier releases. It’s not a rehashing, as it works and stands as a good meter for starting this release off. That intensity flows throughout the album. Songs have an inner sadness to them, while the darker sides of the human spirit lie underneath.

“strong/ENOUGH” has this unlit emotive that dances about interspersing electronics and rock heaviness. It’s what lies beneath here that makes the song work so well. This happens again on “in/THE END” where there’s a trickle of sadness in the vocals that sound unfulfilled.

It’s not all sadness though, as tracks like “father/ELOHIM” and “nothing/BUT TROUBLE” have enough of an upbeat structure to hide whatever inner struggle that may lie deep within the lyrics. That being said, the song is a mixture of multiple styles that would saddle most who try that, but it emboldens Le Butcherettes to take listeners further down the rabbit hole. The entire album feels like an exercise of demons, while Le Butcherettes offer up their most intriguing release to date.

You can stream bi/MENTAL on all streaming sites, you can purchase it digital in all digital shops, or you can pick it up from Rise Records. Le Butcherettes is on tour tonight at Marty’s on Newport in Tustin, CA until April 5 in Koln, Germany at artheater. A complete list of the band’s dates can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Lindsey Byrnes.

David Garrick

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